Let children make decisions

Edmond posted on February 02, 2018 at 08:45

There is no doubt that every parent wants to give the best to their children, so they nurse their children very carefully. They decide everything for them, because the parents think they are experienced and can make sure the kids won’t go the wrong way. In my opinion, the parents should let the children make their own decision.

On the one hand, parents can’t make all the decision for their kids. When the kids grow up, they need to be independent and think in their own way. The parents’ intervention will hinder the children becoming mature. As an adult, he can’t even make his own decision, how ridiculous.

On the other hand, it is children’s right to make mistakes. Most parents have made mistakes when they are young, so they don’t want their kids go their ways. But sometimes making mistakes can help the children grow up and become the strong person, they will learn lessons from these mistakes.

Parents should not do all the things for the children, as the saying that growing up needs to pay the price. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, it is necessary for the children.

In this way, Zhou Ying is ready to go with Chun Xing, Lao Song and Fu. The group of people finally has to leave, and Mrs. Wu is full of reluctance to Zhou Ying. The two masters and the four masters also came to see off, wishing her a good trip.

Zhou Laosi, who has a hard-nosed mouth, is always worried and still follows. The carriage went all the way, but he heard that Shen Xing moved to the horse and rushed up. Between his words, he was still a ridiculous look. Zhou Ying heard that he knew that this family also went to Dihua to sell local cloth. She knows that doing business is the first opportunity, do not want to fall behind in this matter, and quickly let the old Song hurry. The speed of the carriage can be slow after all, and there is no way to surpass the Shen Xing who has a good horse.

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How much it is! Fortunately, I don't have much ambitions. These people have been able to guarantee their own safety. However, Chen Hao still feels the strength of his hand, and then he does not want to make money. He will soon face an unsustainable situation. In this world, it is not an easy task to go to any step! Chen Hao couldn't help but feel sad. He did not intend to bargain with Bagnell on this issue.

The low-level Magic Card Club took the opportunity to establish the first platform, and it is also the largest platform of the federal government except the official platform of the federal government. Now, the influence of the low-level Magic Card Club is much higher than the previous ones. This shows how powerful it is to the helm of the helm! The rapid momentum of the low-vision platform has made their competitors sigh.

It is impossible for Jiao Si to intervene in this matter. it is good! Chen Hao did not hesitate to agree. The method of folding the Yanbo card is really reluctant to pass on to others, but what is this compared with his own life? Aside from Bagnells sudden bright spot, the conversation between the two made him suddenly find a solution to his problem. He quickly interjected: Dean Jiao Sis card is not necessary.

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