Let children make decisions

Edmond posted on February 02, 2018 at 08:45

There is no doubt that every parent wants to give the best to their children, so they nurse their children very carefully. They decide everything for them, because the parents think they are experienced and can make sure the kids won’t go the wrong way. In my opinion, the parents should let the children make their own decision.

On the one hand, parents can’t make all the decision for their kids. When the kids grow up, they need to be independent and think in their own way. The parents’ intervention will hinder the children becoming mature. As an adult, he can’t even make his own decision, how ridiculous.

On the other hand, it is children’s right to make mistakes. Most parents have made mistakes when they are young, so they don’t want their kids go their ways. But sometimes making mistakes can help the children grow up and become the strong person, they will learn lessons from these mistakes.

Parents should not do all the things for the children, as the saying that growing up needs to pay the price. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, it is necessary for the children.

In this way, Zhou Ying is ready to go with Chun Xing, Lao Song and Fu. The group of people finally has to leave, and Mrs. Wu is full of reluctance to Zhou Ying. The two masters and the four masters also came to see off, wishing her a good trip.

Zhou Laosi, who has a hard-nosed mouth, is always worried and still follows. The carriage went all the way, but he heard that Shen Xing moved to the horse and rushed up. Between his words, he was still a ridiculous look. Zhou Ying heard that he knew that this family also went to Dihua to sell local cloth. She knows that doing business is the first opportunity, do not want to fall behind in this matter, and quickly let the old Song hurry. The speed of the carriage can be slow after all, and there is no way to surpass the Shen Xing who has a good horse.

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Or was sleepy. Bagnell suddenly noticed Chen Hao, who entered the combat command room, and quickly sat down: How did you come? When you hear someone invade, just take a look. You are relieved, only one is coming, it is estimated to be a path. Bagnell pointed to the light curtain. Chen Hao then noticed the half-shadow on the light curtain. Looking at Bagnells expression of fearlessness, Chen Hao suddenly wanted to see how he commanded a battle. What is he doing?

In the case of propping up the energy cover, no matter how he hides, he will be hit by two of them. And spit him out of the energy hood, although his flight speed can be improved, but also more flexible, the possibility of being able to completely evade is still very likely to be hit by one of the attacks. However, without the protection of the energy cover, an attack is enough to make him scream. Between this two and a second.

It also made her re-establish her vigilance, which is not too bad. And the black man, she just wanted to test it. Within a day, I met two masters in a row, and Xiao Mans heart was inevitably a bit sorrowful. Especially in the black man who thinks that he is different from himself, in the face of the cold and murderous, he can only escape, and her heart is not a taste. This means that changing yourself is also the result. What makes her even more worried is that there is such a master in Luoyang City.

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