Everyone needs faith

Edmond posted on February 05, 2018 at 18:46

Faith is very important. Everybody needs faith because faith is just like the light, leading people to move on when they are in the dark. My faith is never give up and the hard time will go anyway. It helps me overcome many difficulties and makes me who I am today.

Life is not always going our way. We will meet all kinds of difficulties. When we are students, we have the study issues, we always want to do the best and make our parents be proud of us. But it is not easy, we may fail the exam now and then. When we become independent, we have to face the problem of making our living. Most people will change their jobs many times until they find the suitable one.

I had faith when I was in high school, I realize no matter how hard I work, I just could not be successful all the time. So I told myself not to give up and I would see the light soon. Thanks to this faith, I become a tough girl. I am so proud of myself.

When Zhou Ying and his entourage arrived at the inn's inn, they found that Shen Xing had arrived early, and they also proudly took out the wine and tempted Zhou Laosi. Zhou Yingqi, however, simply went out and whipped away the good horse of Shen Xing. She was so strong that she stood under the peach tree and took a whip for a burst of rain. Shen Xing, who heard the sound, just saw Zhou Ying under the tree, mad and delicate, playful and beautiful. He looked at the beautiful woman and the falling flowers, and he was so mad. When he reacted, Zhou Ying had already left in a carriage.

In that year, the flower was opened in the 32nd episode of the week. Zhou Ying let go of Shen Xing’s horse and stood under the peach tree.

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Hong Tao suddenly found that Zuo Tingyi looked at his own eyes like a fool, and he realized how stupid it was to ask himself. Zuo Tingyi is one of only two students in the school discipline department. He has real power in his hands and the news is very well-informed. In addition to Zeng Yiyi, the head of the Eight Diagrams Party, the entire school is probably the most spiritual. What is this about you?

They have only twenty-four people and a dog here, living in such a big place, it is really... Is this too big? Chen Hao pointed to the main building and asked, it has not been completed, but the building cards that were invited are very efficient, and the building is rising at a speed visible to the naked eye. Not very big. At that time, plus the reserve team and the youth team, I am afraid that it will be expanded at that time. And the training ground has to move in.

And the sky was filled with red light beams. Among the bright red light nets, the extraordinary beam of Yu Guo actually gave Chen Yu a sense of powerlessness. Hey, this solution is really not a general character, carmine red refers to such an ordinary card, can actually be hesitated to this point, it is not easy! Bagnell, who has always praised others less, can't help but admire. Carmine refers to this name... When I think of Jie Yanbai's so well-characterized and strong figure.

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