That crazy period

Edmond posted on February 06, 2018 at 19:48

Going to the college is the most important thing for the students, because they have worked so many years to realize this dream. When they come to the campus, they will be free and start to do what they want. The college days are really happy for me, though sometimes I will be out of control.

During the four years, my roommates and I have affected each other, we stay up all the time. At the beginning, our break time is like high school, we sleep at 11 o’clock. But then we have joined the activities at night, we go to see the movie, go to KTV or go shopping. We will go back to the dormitory very late, so 11 o’clock is really early, now we have to sleep until midnight.

My friends and I plan to travel all the time, though we don’t have much money, we still can travel. We save the pocket money and then book the cheap hotel and choose the cheapest way to travel. I enjoy the trip so much, I appreciate the scenery and culture by my heart.

My college life sounds a little crazy and I like it. Every young person will experience it.

The sky gradually darkened, and soon it was going to Sanshou to help the site. Zhou Ying and his party found a rest inn. Zhou Laosi had something to eat, and he inquired about the news, thinking that he could avoid the people of Sanshou for the time being. Soon, Shen Xing moved to bring the inn to the inn. He thought of Zhou Ying's good deeds during the day, and smirked and gave her horse some croton.

In the middle of the night, Sanshou helped to harass and made a lot of noise. Zhou Laosi’s pre-edited words didn’t work. These bandits were looking for three men and two women, and they were going to take Zhou Ying directly. Zhou Laosi and Zhou Ying reacted. They flipped over the bandits in front and inserted the door with a spring apricot. They jumped out of the window and quickly left in the carriage.

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But to make no surprises. Everyone knows that several other forces have been a bit fierce recently, and they are also wary, so there is no way to transfer people. He toned up and raised the volume: but I believe that even without support, we can accomplish this task! The words of the uncle are full of pride, and the voice of the people is suddenly heard. Hao also wants to bite, seeing the uncle, screaming at him.

And these subtle structures are firmly attracted to him. Chen Hao, who was drilling into the model building, walked between the energy blocks without paying attention to the passage of time. Ten days later, a model of up to three meters with a chassis area of ??twelve square meters and assembled of five thousand energy blocks was finally completed. Chen Yu looked at his work with satisfaction, and in the course of ten days.

He immediately adjusted the training plan and added the free training time for these cards. They need to adapt to the modified card as soon as possible so that they can exert their combat power to a greater extent. Otherwise, don't say that the group cooperates, their single combat power will not rise and fall. After re-adjusting the training program, Bagnell went to Chen Hao, and the core content of his plan still needs the boss to personally. The third episode of the 257th preparations (2) When the plan was designated.

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